Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Travels with George and Alice

I left Berkeley Sunday June 19 after putting about half my stuff in storage as a hedge against a possible July 1 eviction. (The owner wants to move in, but doesn't want to pay the $20,000 relocation assistance. The place isn't rent controlled, so he just raised the rent. Seems like the relocation assistance initiative Berkeley passed in November is pretty toothless given this easy out.) Anyway, my stuff didn't get tossed onto the street, so we're fine for now.

I woke up Monday with a tickle in the throat that later became the cold I'm still not 100% over. Colds are annoying. How do I get fewer of them? Sleeping for only four hours in an I-80 rest stop probably doesn't help. There's probably something to be said for not picking your nose on long drives, too.

I stopped in Salt Lake and climbed the West Slabs route with a few long distance hiker friends.

I made it to A&B's house in Lafayette, CO where I spent the next week with gf, who was in Boulder for a workshop. She was super busy with the workshop, and we both had colds, but it was still fun. I did a few runs in the Boulder foothills, but the cold and other factors were really kicking my butt. Usually I deal pretty well with altitude, but not this time.

Gf and I hiked up to Arapaho Pass, the next day I did the High Lonesome loop, and the day after I did the Pawnee-Buchanan loop. It's no Aspen four-pass loop, but it's still nice. I came back to Boulder, caught a flight to San Diego, and presented at the Western Economics Association International  conference. (I've been working pretty much this whole time.) The conference went well, and San Diegans are correct that there burritos are better.

The complete set of Triple Crown backpacker econ PhDs? (R is actually still working on his, so am I unique?)

After flying back to Denver, I headed south. I managed to leave Boulder before the highway 285 "car and boat show" was in effect for the holiday weekend, take a work call from a Boulder open space trailhead, visit with POD and Disco in Salida, and drop off beer for next month's Trail Show.

I made a loop out of Waverly, Oxford, and Belford, and finally made my way to Silverton. Just shy of a month in Colorado, with the first two weeks at middle elevation, and the second two at higher.

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