Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Superbloom Travel

I went and saw the superbloom at Carrizo Plain National Monument. It was phenomenal. To those whom I invited who did not join me:


1,000,000 flower photos to follow, but first, some beautiful machines and stuff.
The only bad part about the whole trip.

I drove down 101 and stealthed in the truck Friday night. Saturday morning in Paso Robles I stumbled across a vintage bicycle show called Eroica, with a bunch of beautiful old bikes on display for judging.

A different machine, but still beautiful.

Then I ran a really nice 20 miles in Los Padres National Forest/Santa Lucia Wilderness. The poison oak was pretty thick in the wilderness, but outside the wilderness the ridgetop closed old road has some amazing views. 
If only Cal Poly hadn't gotten 600 applications for their econ job opening a couple years ago.

On the way home I stopped in Paso Robles again, hoping to visit a winery that my friend's parents own and introduce George to another adopted Kenyan dog, but I just missed them and went to a neighboring winery instead. Still delightful.

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